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Expert Reputation Design Audit 

Design Audit with Accessibility in Mind

When I heard I am a potential candidate for the UX Designer at Expert Reputation, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to check out the landing page and to see how accessible it is.

Project Overview

About Expert Reputation
Expert Reputation specializes in boosting online patient reviews so you can become a leading practice.


  • Design audit and possible solution.

  • To increase accessibility.

  • To increase discovery of call-to-action buttons.

My Role
Evelyn Brokering: UX Designer

24 hours 

Design Audit

High-level approach towards the issue.

Disclaimer: These are not final design ideas, this is just a high level suggestion to show how l will approach the issues found. The site audit process allowed me to identify what was not accessible with the current page.


  • Followed the Dyslexia Friendly Style Guide, which also makes reading easier for everyone. 

  • Kept a focus on how I could improve Expert Reputation’s product sales process.

The Issue:

  • CTA does not have hover and active states 

Possible Solution:

  • Create 3 states: default, hover, and active (clicked)

  • Why? Using the hover state you can inform your users whether their mouse is over the link’s hit area or not

The Issue:

  • Center align text is harder to read 

Possible Solution:

  • Use left aligned text

The Issue:

  • Inconsistent corners

Possible Solution:

  • Use the same rounded corners

The Issue:

  • Font color against the background color is not accessible, does not pass AA and AAA required contrast

Possible Solution:

  • Change background or font color

The Issue:

  • The video does not have sound

  • The youtube icon is very hard to access

Possible Solution:

  • Make the audio work

  • Move social icons so it doesn't overlap with the messaging 

Thank you for reviewing my audit of 
Expert Reputation landing page!

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