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Hello, I'm Evelyn!
こんにちは, 岩田と申します。

I'm a bilingual Japanese-American UX Designer specializing in highly accessible, user-centric designs. I am a strong advocate for assistive technology/accessibility and its ability to empower people. As a UX designer, I am determined to use my voice to promote accessibility and inclusivity in design. 

My personal connection to accessibility stems from my own experience with dyslexia and my bi-cultural background, which provides me with a unique perspective on non-verbal visual cues and data visualization. Let's collaborate to create intuitive and accessible products for your users!😊

I believe incorporating accessibility leads to intuitive design solutions that benefit all users.


🇯🇵🇺🇸 UX Localization 

Being a dual citizen raised in the U.S. and Japan, I'm bilingual and bicultural. I have a track record of working with Japanese teams and conducting usability studies with native Japanese speakers.

UX/UI Design



  • User Testing with key board navigation users 

  • UX Research

  • Accessibility Audit

  • Prototyping: Web & Mobile app, Software 

♿️ Accessibility

I moved to the US to receive educational support for my dyslexia. My strength in comprehending fast text-to-speech technology enables me to empathize and conduct user testing with voice-over and key board navigation users.

🎨 Passion for Digital Art

Check out more of my photography work on my Flicker

Art created at 17 years old

Photography Honorable Mention Award
- Brooks Institute 2016

Work for Alvarado Street Brewery

🌍 Where have I lived and traveled?

I was raised by an American father and a Japanese mother mostly in Tokyo, Japan. I was born in London and also spent a year each in New York and San Francisco. In 2015 I moved to California on my own.

I love traveling and have visited over 12+ countries ✈️ The orange dots represent the places I've traveled to.

🎉 Recent Achievements 

In the Limelight Video Contest, Honorable Mention Award 
Issued by Lime Connect · Dec 2022

This contest aims to highlight individuals with disabilities who are rebranding disability through their achievements. I was awarded $500, funded by an unrestricted gift from Google.

Featured on the Overcoming Dyslexia Podcast
Nov 2022

On the Overcoming Dyslexia Podcast, I had the pleasure of sharing my dyslexia story and what I do now as a UX designer, advocating for neurodivergent needs in the digital product space. 

Let's connect!

Let’s get to know each other! Please feel free to contact me 😊
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