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Passion Project


Up to 20% of the world’s population could be struggling with dyslexia, according to Yale, and I am one of those people. I am on a mission to create a product I wish I had when I was a struggling student in Japan where dyslexia was not recognized.


This product supports people with dyslexia by providing:​

  1. User Rated Resources 

  2. Discussion Platform

  3. Accessibility Settings 

Do you have Dyslexia? We Need Your Help!!

I am designing a platform that is easy to use for people with dyslexia, so your input is very important 💯

I will reach out when help is needed 🙏

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Phase 1

Web Design


Phase 2

App Design


Phase 3

Web App Design

Project Details


To make dyslexia resources universally accessible.


Project Type
In process of 501(c)(3) Nonprofit

2022 January - Ongoing

Current Steps

  • Web Application design

  • To receive feedback

Evelyn Brokering: Project Owner



Roles Needed

  • Visual Designer with accessibility experience

  • Developer with Web App experience

  • User Tester (People with dyslexia or who have challenges with reading and/or writing.)

  • Please Fill Out Form if you are interested😊

The Problem 

People with dyslexia fail to accomplish their academic goals as successfully as neurotypicals. 

  • For the initial problem discovery, I noticed that people with dyslexia have a hard time succeeding in school without the help of digital accommodations. Researchers predict "only 34% of students with dyslexia will graduate from college within eight years" (NLTS2, 2011)

  • From my personal experience, I even had to move countries to receive my accommodation since Japan wasn't providing me any help and I was failing no matter how much I studied. After relocating to America, I finally received the accommodations and resources I needed to succeed in school, which enabled me to graduate from both high school and college.

  • I first collected data from thirteen target users, people with dyslexia or people who have major challenges with reading and/or writing. I was able to pinpoint the three problems that people with dyslexia were having:

  1. Finding a Community to Talk to for Advice

  2. Lack of Reliable Resources

  3. Accessibility Needs

  1. User Rated Resources Page

  2. Discussion Platform

  3. Accessibility Settings tailored for people with dyslexia


Provide Users with Accessible Resources.

My foundation is focused on finding new ways to help support people with dyslexia.

I addressed the three user pain points by providing:

With the customizable accessibility option, users can find their ideal settings to help their reading techniques.

Dyslexia-Friendly UI Design:

To ensure the product would be accessible, I created a Dyslexia-Friendly Style Guide, distilling best practices from ten articles I found online and incorporating them into my designs.

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  • Record users’ data

  • Easy to use features

  • Accessible navigation

  • Valuable information

  • Properly working website

  • Assistive technology

  • UI kit

  • To provide valid resources

  • To promote sharing among users

Business & User Goals

Defining the Business Goals.

  • To have seamless assistive technology support

  • Provide answers to users’ questions

  • Increase user participation on the discussion board

  • Use search engine optimization to attract more users

  • To navigate a website without obstacles

  • To succeed in school

  • To get advice




Do you have the same vision?

Let's be the change! Please feel free to contact me 😊
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