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Yamibuy Japan Page Design Audit 

Design Audit with Accessibility in Mind

When I heard I am a potential candidate for the UI/UX Designer at Yamibuy, I thought it was the perfect opportunity to check out the "Japan page" and to see how accessible it is.

Current Page

Possible Solution

Project Overview

About Yami
Yami is the leading online Asian marketplace, dedicated to providing Asian snacks & food, beauty & health products, home appliances and books to Asian Americans. 


  • Page audit and design a possible solution in 24 hours.

  • To increase accessibility.

  • To increase discovery of call-to-action buttons.

My Role
Evelyn Brokering: UX Designer

24 hours 

Design Audit

Finding what is not accessible.

The site audit process allowed me to identify what was not accessible with the current page.


  • Followed the Dyslexia Friendly Style Guide, which also makes reading easier for everyone. 

  • Brainstormed solutions to each of the problems found.

  • Kept a focus on how I could improve Yami’s product sales process.

The Issue:

  • Font color against this image is not accessible, does not pass AA and AAA required contrast.

Possible Solution:

  • Add background to title or place title under the image

The Issue:

  • ALL CAPS is harder to read

  • Center align text is harder to read

  • “View all” is hard to access

Possible Solution:

  • Avoid ALL CAPS

  • Use left aligned text

  • Add “view all” button on the hand right side

The Issue:

  • Text against this image is not accessible

Possible Solution:

  • Add background to title or place text separate with image

The Issue:

  • Not clear which one is the #1 brand

Possible Solution:

  • Add clear numbered ranking

Possible Solution

High-level approach towards the issue.

Disclaimer: These are not final design ideas, this is just a high level suggestion to show how l will approach the issues found. 

Current Page


Possible Solution


Easy to pinpoint when following the style guide.

This was my first time conducting a site audit while following the Dyslexia friendly Style Guide I have developed. I felt as if it was very easy to point out what was not accessible since I knew what to look for. 

Regardless of the outcome for working as Yami's designer, it was fun redesigning Japan's page. I have sweet memories ordering from Yami from my high school dorm room when I felt home sick from my home, Japan 🇯🇵❤️

Thank you for reviewing my audit of the
Yami website!

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